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Texas Rangers draft: Rangers selections in rounds 4-10

The players the Rangers selected in rounds 4-10 of the draft

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers draft:  For rounds four through 10, we will list the players the Rangers select in each round.

Round 4 -- Jake Lemoine, RHP, the University of Houston.  Lemoine is a big guy (6'5", 220 lbs.) from Bridge City, Texas, who was viewed as a potential first round pick over the winter, but who has missed time because of shoulder issues.  When healthy, he has a plus fastball in the low-90s and a good slider, but there's no telling whether he is healthy.  BA had him at #246 on their final list, and he's someone who definitely falls in the high risk/high reward category because of his injury, and because there would seem to be at least some questions about whether he signs.

Round 5 -- Chad Smith, OF, South Gwinnett HS, Snellville Georgia.  Here's our obligatory Georgia high school pick.  Smith has been linked to Texas for a while, and we thought he might be taken in the 3rd or 4th round.  Smith is just 17, and is described as having solid tools across the board, but nothing that stands out.  Baseball America ranked him #202 on their list, and think he profiles as a right fielder.  Back in April, Kiley McDaniel said there was a "nutty" rumor that Texas was considering him at #4 overall, and said he profiled as a second or third round pick.

Round 6 -- Tyler Ferguson, RHP, Vanderbilt.  This is a lot like the Lemoine pick...Ferguson was ranked #186 on the BA rankings, and is a high-upside guy that BA describes as having "electric stuff" with a high-90s fastball and a plus curve, but an inability to throw strikes.  He's 6'4", 225 lbs., high upside, high flameout potential, with the Rangers hoping they can straighten him out.  Only 20 IP this year, with 17 runs allowed, and 35 walks and 9 WP against 24 Ks.

Round 7 -- Dylan Moore, SS, University of Central Florida.  We have our first "senior sign" guy, someone who will likely take well under the $221,700 slot figure for this pick.  BA ranked him #416 on their top 500 list, and praised his "makeup and instincts" while saying he projects as a utility infielder.\

Round 8 -- Blake Bass, RHP, Angelo State.  Another senior, Bass is a giant (6'7", 255 lb.) 1B/OF turned pitcher who wasn't on BA's top 500 list.  Low-90s fastball to go with a slider, Bass is a relief pitcher, and sounds kind of like Phil Klein.

Round 9 -- Peter Fairbanks, RHP, Missouri.  Fairbanks is a 6'6" righty who moved into the rotation full time for Missouri this year, and is described as having fringe stuff that may end up playing better in the bullpen.  Fairbanks is a junior, but will probably sign for below-slot, like Bass and Moore.

Round 10 -- Leon Byrd, SS/CF, Rice.  Byrd is described as having above-average speed that plays well in center and an above-average arm, and he hit .242/.317/.335 this year as a junior, so those who decry the Rangers drafting speedy guys who can't hit will love this pick.