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Thoughts on a 2-1 Rangers loss

Padres 2, Rangers 1

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Padres 2, Rangers 1

  • Back to back very disappointing losses in winnable games to close out the first half.  The Rangers could have been at .500 right now, had a break here or there gone the right way the past two days.  Instead, they are four games under .500, and while Jon Daniels sees this team as still being a buyer, if they don't get hot in the two weeks after the Break, you'd have to think the team has to think long and hard about selling.
  • I didn't do thoughts last night because I was at the game, and got home at almost midnight, then had to get Seth to lie down, at which point it was late and I was beat, and really, who wants to write about what happened last night?  It was a very 2015 Rangers game...the offense had some chances, converted some but blew opportunities to get up big, Colby Lewis was solid for a while then suddenly lost his command, and the bullpen blew it.  The oddity last night was that it was Shawn Tolleson, who has been as solid as anyone this year, who blew his first save.  That happens, but geez, the timing was awful.
  • As for today, Yovani Gallardo pitched well enough to win, and the bats didn't do anything to support him.  Texas got a total of 10 baserunners, 8 of them being Elvis Andrus (who was 2 for 2 with a pair of walks), Adrian Beltre and Delino DeShields (who each had a pair of hits).  Shin-Soo Choo had a big mental error in the field that turned a single into a triple, the team was 1 for 8 with RISP, and Craig Kimbrel allowed a run but still was able to close the door with a strike out of Leonys Martin.
  • My thoughts are this team is clinging on the fringes of the race.  Because of the dynamics of the two wild card setup and the fact that the A.L. West has no one running away with it, Texas can get back in it and be playing meaningful baseball in September, and they have the potential for a very solid playoff rotation with Perez, Holland, Gallardo and Lewis.  If they can get there.  But this looks like a .500 team to me.