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First Half Texas Rangers Review According to Joey Gallo's Face

Let's let Joey Gallo's face describe the 2015 first half for the Texas Rangers

Hey hey it's Joey Gallo's face
Hey hey it's Joey Gallo's face
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The first half of the 2015 baseball season is in the books for the Texas Rangers. There have been plenty of ups and downs, a few sideways, maybe a diagonal or two. There was at least one zigzag.

It's a young team with an old rotation, rookie manager, and a bad bullpen. They should hand out Southwest Airlines giveaway barf bags with all the twists and turns those attributes inspire. Maybe the most unexpected thing is how expected a nearish to .500 2015 Rangers team was.

Perhaps the biggest highlight of the first half of the season was the Rangers calling up Joey Gallo in June for a month-long staycation in the big leagues. Gallo is one of the most interesting baseball players to watch on the planet mostly because every time a pitch is thrown to him it could end up doing a Pluto flyby or he could whiff so hard you'd think they figured out how to get AC at The Ballpark.

But the real attraction of the 2015 baseball season has been Joey Gallo's face.

Joey Gallo's face reviews the 2015 first half


Joey Gallo's face is disgusted by the Rangers starting the season 7-14 which included just two wins at home.

"Oh no, not again!" thinks Joey Gallo's face after losing Yu Darvish to TJS in the middle of spring training and Derek Holland to a shoulder injury just one inning into his season debut during the home opener.

Joey Gallo's face turns into Will Clark's face at the news that the Rangers got the Angels to trade them Josh Hamilton while eating all but a few million dollars on his contract all while getting tarred and feathered in the court of public opinion.


Joey Gallo's face can't hide that smile after the Rangers sweep the Houston Astros in Houston to kick off a 19-11 run in May.

Joey Gallo's face doesn't know what to do with its hands as 87-year-old journeyman lefty Wandy Rodriguez sets a franchise record by retiring 34 consecutive hitters.

Bonus: Joey Gallo's face here reminded me of the end of Sleepaway Camp. Spoilers and also, I'm sorry.

Joey Gallo's face marvels at fellow rookie Delino DeShields making a name for himself as the AL Rookie of the Month in May as he worked his way from Rule 5 draftee to Texas leadoff hitter.

Joey Gallo's face is filled with despair at the news that Adrian Beltre would be hitting the DL with a thumb injury.


Joey Gallo is called up to replace Beltre and his face made this face as he debuted by going 3-4 with a double, his first career home run, a walk, three runs scored and four RBI.

Joey Gallo's face looks forward to all the free Chipotle on the team flights.

Joey Gallo's face when Joey Gallo's sexy baseball muscles made Clayton Kershaw do this:

Joey Gallo's face as it learns that baseball games can end on a balk.

Joey Gallo's face when contemplating the Rangers traveling from LA to Chicago overnight and having to face Chris Sale.

Joey Gallo's face learns that Joey Gallo is being optioned back to the minors and the Rangers finish the month of June with a 14-13 record.


Joey Gallo's face is utterly confused by the thought that a rotation of Yovani Gallardo, Colby Lewis, Nick Martinez, Wandy Rodriguez, Chi Chi Gonzalez can set a franchise record for consecutive starts allowing three or fewer runs.

Joey Gallo's face is sad about the fact that the Rangers can't seem to win baseball games at home in front of the hometown fans. The Rangers go 16-26 at home (including just three wins against teams from the AL West in 18 tries).

Joey Gallo's face is whatever this face is about the fact that the Rangers closed out the first half going 1-7 in the longest homestand of the season to drop to 42-46 on the season, 2-8 in July, and six games back of Anaheim in the AL West.