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Thoughts on a 7-6 Rangers win

Rangers 7, Astros 6

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Rangers 7, Astros 6

  • i don't even know how to do thoughts after a game like that.
  • On FSSW they were describing it as the most fun game of the season.  I don't thjink I'd describe it as "fun," though, at least in the bottom of the 8th and 9th, though much of the rest of the game was fun.
  • Let's see, what did we have tonight...we had a very good Colby Lewis outing.  We had a bad Tanner Scheppers outing in the bottom of the 8th that appeared to include a blown call at home (when Chirinos appeared to tag Marwin Gonzalez out, only to have him called safe) and a critical two out error by Elvis that appeared to set the stage for an Astros comeback.  Then we had Sam Freeman bailing out Scheppers, only to be lifted at the start of the 9th for Shawn Tolleson (with lefties due up), only to see Tolleson allow a double and a homer to the first two batters he faced in the 9th.
  • Oh, and we had Shin-so Choo having multiple hits, a key sac fly and a stolen base, Rougned Odor bat flipping on both a homer and a triple that had a chance to be an inside the park homer, Josh Hamilton homering and hitting a pair of doubles, two more hits by Delino DeShields, Leonys coming in for defense and promptly dropping a fly ball (but still getting on out on the play by forcing the runner at second), Robinson Chirinos homering, and Rougie triggering a bench clearing incident by mouthing with Hank Conger, said incident ultimately leading to Jeff Banister looking ready to throw down with A.J. Hinch.
  • Tonight was nuts.
  • And tonight was also a win.  And I will take it.