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Thursday Morning Links

Thursday Morning Links

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Well, boy is my face red.  In some sort of sign that I'm burning out, I woke up at 10:30 a.m. yesterday to two texts from Adam: "Links?" and, what looked to be a half hour later "I guess I'll do them."  I was also 2 and a half hours late to work, so thank god we hired a 16 year old kid to work in the kennel two weeks ago because now I could pretend I was showing up near midday out of managerial license.  "Bang up job, kid, you passed the what-would-you-do-if-your-boss-were-arrested test."

Jeff Banister is a big fan of shifts, and also, in a truly revolutionary move, paying attention to the opposing batters and what's going on in the game.

Nick Martinez starts off July with a quality start and the offense starts off July playing pinochle.

Millions of dollars of cutting edge medical science allowed Josh Hamilton to watch the game from the bench yesterday.

Evan Grant hashtags the podcast machine by talking about Joey Gallo getting sent back to the minors.

Adrian Beltre's home got burgled and Elvis Andrus' alibi was "I was in Adrian Beltre's house stealing his AL Championship ring."

Josh Hamilton has been assigned a new position: serving as a visible irritant to Arte Moreno.  This position has the added benefit of actually being enhanced by his near constant state of injury.

Josh Hamilton's parents came to watch him play when he was activated Tuesday.

Nick Martinez gave up a late homer that cost him the game last night.

Matt Harrison went six innings in his final rehab start.

And, finally, science has at long last discovered why Canadians are always saying "I'm sorry."