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Wednesday Morning Links

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was something last night.

That cigar store Indian standing at the plate when the Rangers play in NL parks is probably Matt Harrison.

Contradicting everything The Ticket has taught me, Prince Fielder has won the Heart and Hustle award.  Maybe because of the falling down on the basepaths thing.  Or possibly because "heart" and "hustle" in sports are used as antonyms to "athletic."

Apparently the Rangers are still pursuing Cole Hamels.

Derek Holland is chomping at the bit to begin a rehab assignment.

Josh Hamilton wants to be in the lineup every day because he's got a 3 weeks on, 3 days off sort of thing going on with the disabled list so he gets plenty of rest.

Yay, Choo and Harrison!

The Rangers are listening to offers for Yovani Gallardo.

Now usually he doesn't do this, but Dargan Southard breaks 'em off with a little preview of tonight's game.

Derek Holland apparently wants to end his torrid two year on again, off again relationship with the DL.

Shin-Soo Choo was looking for something to build his confidence and then he hit for the cycle, and Matt Harrison was looking for something to build his confidence and he won his first game in forever.  So there you go, forget affirmations and challenge courses and go hit for the cycle you big wussies.

And, finally, the video I shared with you guys two weeks ago got 50,000 views and I was contacted by CNN Headline News about it, so I figure posting to LSB is my good luck charm.  So here's another one where I took three shelter dogs to Fort Woof to stretch their legs and then I took them for snowcones.