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Keith Law ranks Rangers system #3 in MLB

Keith Law has his rankings of the top five farm systems in baseball, with the Rangers coming in at #3

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Law ranks the Texas Rangers farm system the #3 system in baseball in his updated top five rankings released today.

Law, who had the Rangers' system ranked #11 coming into the season, has praise for this year's draft class, as well as Joey Gallo and Nomar Mazara -- both of whom he has in his top 10 -- and the crop of pitchers who are close to the majors

Mazara being ranked in the top 10 may seem aggressive, he was slotted as the top COF prospect in baseball by four of five scout/front office types in a BP piece yesterday (and was 2nd on the list of the fifth), with one "AL front-office member" saying that "you could make a convincing argument [Mazara] is the best prospect in baseball."

And speaking of COF prospects, Colin Young has some nice things to say about Frisco's Nick Williams, and how he looks at the plate.