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Thursday Morning Links

Thursday Morning Links

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant celebrates the Shin-Soo Choo cycle by ranking the 8 Ranger cycles.

Evan also has a game report that shows us just why Elvis Andrus is worth that contract extension... not his defense, not his bat, but his WILL. TO. WIN.

And because we just can't get enough cycle talk, Delino DeShields was just a homer shy of the cycle on Tuesday, too, but homers like aren't his thing, man.

Jeff Banister says he still believes in Tanner Scheppers because he's a starry eyed optimist.

An ESPN story on the most lopsided trades in recent history features two Jon Daniels' gems.

Cycle Talk, ba dum dum dum!  T.R. Sullivan assuages his disgust over Odor not completing the cycle by noting that at least he contributed to the win.  So did Elvis Andrus, you haters.

Josh Hamilton will be returning to Anaheim for all kinds of potential drama and theatrics (assuming he doesn't pull his hammy getting his luggage off the carousel).

Spencer Patton would like a more prominent role in the bullpen.

And, finally, Ray's Sausage Co. tried to be a good neighbor and spent $20,000.00 improving their facility and equipment to eliminate foul odors in their Cleveland neighborhood only to discover the odors were coming from a serial killer's rotting victims.