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Wednesday Morning Links

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Wasn't it weird and uncomfortable when this team was kind of playing above their heads?  Well, relief what a relief the last few weeks have been.

Remember Joaquin Arias?  Hopefully you rinsed him out of your brain with Pruno and soda and now you don't have to remember him anyway because the Giants designated him for assignment.

Wandy Rodriguez won't be getting a start today after all.

Shawn Tolleson has learned a valuable lesson: hustling can only end in tears.

I'm starting to feel sorry for High Desert.

I don't think you can call last night a "comeback win" for the Yankees when they hung 11 runs on the board in the second inning.

I'm getting pretty tired of Cole Hamels talk.

The rotation will stay as it it unless a deal gets made sending Yovani Gallardo to a team that isn't so terrible.

Martin Perez can at least take some satisfaction in accomplishing something last night, even if that accomplishment is just doing Braveheart level violence to his own bullpen.

Adam Rosales has now pitched twice this season.