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Texas Rangers rumors: Hamels, Gallardo market impacted by David Price availability?

David Price is reportedly available, which could impact the Rangers' ability to acquire Cole Hamels or trade Yovani Gallardo

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers rumors:  Cole Hamels and Yovani Gallardo have been the subject of trade rumors involving the Rangers for some time, with the Rangers potentially looking at acquiring Hamels and, separately, trading Gallardo.

However, the news has come out today that the Detroit Tigers, currently on the very fringe of the playoff hunt, are going into sell mode, with g.m. Dave Dombrowski saying the team is "rebooting." As a result, the Tigers are apparently willing to move any of their pending free agents, which include Yoenis Cespedes, Joakim Soria and David Price.

While the Rangers aren't going to look to add a rental player, the presence of Price on the trade market could impact the Rangers' abilities to make moves regarding Hamels and Gallardo.  Gallardo was seen as an attractive back-up option for a team that couldn't land one of the premier starters on the market; however, with Mat Latos having just gone to the Dodgers (a team seen as a prime destination for Gallardo), and with Price now being on the market, there's more supply and less demand.  Teams may not be in a position to give up as much for Gallardo if they can pursue Price instead, and a team acquiring Price reduces the number of possible destinations for Gallardo.

The flip side is that Price being on the market could make it more likely that the Rangers could land Hamels.  While Hamels is under control beyond this season, and thus is attractive to teams that are looking for a longer-term solution, the availability of Price potentially allows teams in the playoff hunt to get an ace now for less, in terms of prospects, than the cost of Hamels.  As with Gallardo, the addition of an ace to the supply of pitchers on the trade market could lead to the cost of Hamels being lower.