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41-40 - No way out: Chi Chi bombarded by Halos in loss

We're halfway finished with the 2015 season so score one for the folks who thought the Rangers would be around .500 this year

You don't say
You don't say
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, at least the good pitches in the bullpen got a much needed night off, right? Right? *cough* *sob*

Chi Chi Gonzalez had a rough outing as the top of the 2nd was pretty much a worst nightmare scenario for those concerned that Chi Chi doesn't have an out pitch. The Angels batted around while scoring six runs and Chi Chi threw like 40 pitches in the inning as the Angels worked him relentlessly at the plate. Yeesh.

Player of the Game: Anthony Bass threw some innings. Ryan Rua hit a dinger, it seems. I don't know. I was playing Hearthstone after the Calhoun bases-clearing double.