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Thoughts on a 8-2 loss

Angels 8, Rangers 2

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 8, Rangers 2

  • We've talked before about Chi Chi Gonzalez needing to do a better job missing bats if he's going to have long-term success in the majors.  That issue came to a head today, as Chi Chi didn't make it through 2 innings, gave up 6 runs on 5 hits and a pair of walks, and threw 52 pitches in getting 5 outs.  Time and again, it seemed, Chi Chi got two strikes on a batter but couldn't put the hitter away.
  • Chi Chi could be going down to the minors tomorrow.  Anthony Bass logged 86 pitches in relief, and Neftali Feliz (who threw 2 IP) was DFA'd to make room for Matt Harrison, which means the pen is going to be short-handed.  Chi Chi could be optioned and make a couple of starts in AAA, where he can work on whatever they want him to work on while limiting his innings.  The Rangers can go with four starters next week, and if Texas uses Yovani Gallardo on Tuesday, they can bring him back to start again on Sunday.  They could do the same thing with Matt Harrison if Harrison started on Tuesday, but I'd guess they'd rather use Yovani for a pair of starts, which would mean Harrison would go on Wednesday.  In any case, if they also sent Chi Chi down, they could bring up an extra arm from AAA to fortify the pen for the weekend.
  • I'm kind of having a hard time thinking about this game that was just played, because of the Feliz DFA.  So strange to think that he's apparently going to be gone.
  • Anyway.
  • Bats.  Prince had a couple of hits.  Ryan Rua came in for Josh Hamilton and hit a home run.  That's the highlights for the offense.
  • Another game tomorrow.