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Thursday Morning Links

Thursday Morning Links

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, hey, guys I was just making a quilt out of Matt Harrison shirseys, what's going on?

Someone at the DMN likes Ralph Nader with a headline like Unsafe with Any Lead.

Ben Rowan is back in the majors because Joe Maddon, like George Clinton, loves the funk.

Gerry Fraley has the rundown on Jake Diekman.

Joe Girardi praised Colby Lewis' outing last night, though I'd call "he pitched a pretty good game" a sort of bland nonstatement.

Let's poke Twitter with a pointy stick and see what Cole Hamels nonsense falls out.

Here's Cole Hamels' Tinder profile.

Cole Hamels is no Wandy Rodriguez.

Evan Grant has a recap of last night's game and some thoughts on Cole Hamels.

Jean-Jacques Taylor thinks the Cole Hamels trade was awesome.

RIP, Matt Harrison shirsey quilt.

Gallardo isn't distracted by trade talks he's just distracted by Ranger Captain's hilarious antics.

I've got a fever and the only cure is Jon Edwards and Alex Claudio.

Mitch Moreland is sad to be losing fellow nonthreatening white dude Matt Harrison.