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Cole Hamels trade reactions

Rounding up the national reactions to the Cole Hamels trade

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Cole Hamels trade reactions:  The Texas Rangers acquired Philadelphia Phillies lefthander Cole Hamels in a deal expected to be announced today, and there were, as one would expect, a lot of reactions from the national folks.

Keith Law seems to like this deal for both parties, saying that Hamels is the type of pitcher who should remain effective well into his 30s, while the Phillies got quality talent in return.

BP has their Transaction Analysis up, and I like this quote from them on the deal:

This move is about trading the distant future for the near future, and the Rangers could hardly have done that better. This was an A.J. Preller move, only with finesse.

Kate Morrison offers her rundown of the deal and the prospects involved at

Kiley McDaniels has his take on the prospects going to Philadelphia at FanGraphs, and Eno Sarris provides his thoughts on Hamels at FanGraphs.  Both see this as a good deal for both teams.

Minor League Ball has an interview with Nick Williams, who was in the deal.

Grant Brisbee ruminates on how this works for the Phillies.

The consensus seems to be that this is a win-win for Texas and Philadelphia.

Oh, except for Tim Cowlishaw, who calls it a "desperate" move by a g.m. trying to save his job.