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Series Preview: San Francisco Giants @ Texas Rangers - World Series revisit

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The Giants are in Arlington for the first time since they celebrated on the field

Professional handsome man, Texas Ranger
Professional handsome man, Texas Ranger
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

I knew the Rangers probably weren't going to win the 2010 World Series when the laws of physics were abandoned in San Francisco when Ian Kinsler hit a sure home run to center field in Game 2 only to have it bounce off the literal top of the wall and carom back into play for a double despite that being impossible.

I know the Giants were destined to win the 2010 World Series because Edgar Renteria popped up a routine can of corn that somehow carried forever for a home run off Cliff Lee in a season when he hit three home runs all year.

Yeah, well, Cole Hamels can do that, too.

Series Schedule:

Friday, July 31 7:05 pm: LHP Madison Bumgarner vs RHP Nick Martinez

Saturday, August 1 7:05 pm: RHP Tim Hudson (Or Mike Leake) vs LHP Cole Hamels

Sunday, August 2 2:05 pm: RHP Chris Heston vs LHP Martin Perez

Go Rangers!

San Francisco Giants (56-45, 2nd Place in NL West)

Rangers' Record vs. San Francisco: 0-1 in World Series, looking for revenge

San Francisco's Recent Results: 2-1 home series win against the Milwaukee Brewers

San Francisco's Road Record: 26-22

The Ballpark Park Factors (LHB/RHB): HR: 96/88 - Runs: 108/102

SB Nation Giants Blog: McCovey Chronicles

Match-up: (as of 07/31) Rangers Giants Advantage
Batting (RAR) -26.2 (19th) 42.4 (3rd) Giants
Base Running (RAR) 6.4 (7th) -0.2 (19th) Rangers
Starters (RAR) 27.6 40.7 Giants
Bullpen (RAR) -8.4 (30th) 9.7 (21st) D:
Defense (UZR) 3.7 (14th) 16.2 (6th) Giants
Overall (UZR + RAR) 3.1 108.8 Giants :(

Questions to Answer:

  • Yay or Nay: The Rangers win a World Series before the Giants win another one?
  • Who is your Return of the McLemore Approved Player to Watch in this series? (I'm interested to see if Shin-Soo Choo can continue his hot second half.)
  • Over/Under: 3.5 times the Rangers attempt to bunt for a hit in this series?
  • What's your guess for line (IP/H/K/BB/ER) by Cole Hamels as he makes his debut as a Texas Ranger on Saturday night?
  • Do the Rangers start off the month of August with a series win at home against the Giants?