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41-41 - Mourn on the 4th of July: Rangers blasted by Angels

The Rangers don't deserve fireworks, sparklers, or watermelon tonight

The Rangers made freedom sad
The Rangers made freedom sad

Remember how folks were talking about how the Rangers had the most home games remaining in the second half of the season like that was a good thing? The Rangers are a completely different team at home and that's usually the case for all sports teams. Except, in the case of the Rangers in 2015, different has been completely godawful.

Texas is 0-5 in their last five games at home to run their home record to 15-21. In those five games, they've been outscored 43-13. Dreadful.

Player of the Game: Definitely not George Washington. Thanks for founding this country and therefore eventually making this game possible, you wooden toothed, cherry tree-chopping, smallpox riddled jerk.