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58-57 - Force is with the Rangers as Texas gains ground

The Rangers have won six straight games at home because nothing makes sense

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This is fun.

Bottom 6th: Texas

Josh Hamilton reached on an infield single

Elvis Andrus doubled to deep left center, Josh Hamilton to third

Rougned Odor hit into fielder's choice, third to catcher, Elvis Andrus to third, Josh Hamilton out

Chris Giménez singled to left center, Elvis Andrus scored, Rougned Odor to third

Delino DeShields singled to shallow right center, Rougned Odor scored, Chris Giménez to second

Shin-soo Choo singled to center, Chris Giménez scored, Delino DeShields to second

Kirby Yates pitching

Delino DeShields stole third, Shin-soo Choo to second

Prince Fielder reached on Kirby Yates's throwing error, Delino DeShields scored, Shin-soo Choo to third, Prince Fielder to first

Adrián Béltre homered (421 ft.) to deep left center, Shin-soo Choo and Prince Fielder scored

Mitch Moreland singled to center

Josh Hamilton struck out swinging

Elvis Andrus flied out to center

7 runs, 7 hits, 1 error

The Rangers are now 7th in the American League standings, a game back of Baltimore for sixth, and a game back of the Angels in the loss column in the AL West while a game and a half out of a playoff spot as the AL's second Wild Card team.

Oh yeah, the Astros also lost tonight (with Neftali Feliz getting a save for the Tigers against Houston in the 11th inning) meaning the Rangers are four games back of Houston in the AL West. Remember back in March when it was just assumed that the Nationals would win the World Series? If tonight's scores hold in the NL, the Rangers will be closer to first place in the AL West (4 GB) than the Nationals are in the NL East (4.5 GB).

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