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60-58 - All good things end, Rangers lose first home game in eight tries

The Rangers ran into the Hisashi Iwakuma buzzsaw and saw their five game winning streak come to an end

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps the two Mariner players who seem to perform best against the Rangers are Kyle Seager and Hisashi Iwakuma. Seager, as I'm sure you know, would make Mike Trout jealous if he hit as well against all teams as he does against Texas. And as for Iwakuma, over his career, he has gone 7-3 against the Rangers and 5-0 since the beginning of 2013.

Make that 8-3 and 6-0 as Iwakuma followed up a no-hitter last week with seven innings of two-run ball against a Rangers team that is leading MLB in runs scored per games since the All-Star break.

Then there's Seager. He had his usual 2-3 with walk night against the Rangers. That included a double in the first inning which got Rangers' starter Chi Chi Gonzalez in trouble early.

The Rangers have been really bad against the Mariners this season (now 3-8) and a lot of that is because Seager and Iwakuma continue to have their number.

Player of the Game: The Mariners pounced on Chi Chi Gonzalez in the first inning for three runs on three extra base hits but after that, Chi Chi settled in and had perhaps his most encouraging start from the perspective of getting swinging strikes. Chi Chi went six innings and allowed just three runs on five hits and struck out a career high seven. Unfortunately, Iwakuma was better.