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Texas Rangers rumors: Padres looking at "a list of guys" in Venable deal

A.J. Preller says that the Padres have "a list of guys" they are looking at as the player to be named later in the Venable deal

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers rumors:  Will Venable was acquired by the Rangers from the Padres yesterday for minor league Marcus Greene and a player to be named later, and while speculation has centered around the PTBNL being someone on the 40 man roster who can't be named until he clears waivers, some comments by San Diego g.m. A.J. Preller suggest that may not be the case.

The San Diego Union-Tribune has a story on the deal that includes quotes from Preller, with Preller indicating there is a list of players the Padres will choose from:

"We have a list of guys we're looking at," Preller said. "We view (the PTBNL) as a key piece of the deal. The guys we're looking at basically are guys that are a little closer to the big leagues. I think being able to get one of those players off the list and Marcus Greene, we felt it would be a deal that would make us better down the road."

That doesn't mean that the PTBNL might not be, say, Roman Mendez or Jon Edwards, a couple of guys on the 40 man roster who are in the minors now, and who I speculated yesterday could be going to San Diego.  But it sounds like this may be a scenario where the PTBNL is actually a PTBNL -- that is, someone the Padres haven't made a decision on yet.