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Adrian Beltre, Jeff Banister ejected during Ump Show in Detroit

Both Adrian Beltre and Jeff Banister were ejected in the top of the fifth inning during today's game against Detroit

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Beltre and Jeff Banister were both ejected in the top of the fifth inning of today's game between the Texas Rangers and the Detroit Tigers.

After Rougned Odor led off the fifth inning with a double, Ryan Strausborger offered, and then pulled back, on a pair of pitches, both of which were called strikes.  Home plate umpire Adam Hamari then ejected Beltre, who was, I guess, yelling from the bench.  Beltre then started yelling from the dugout at first base umpire Ron Kulpa, appearing to say, "I wasn't talking to you!" before Kulpa motioned for Beltre to leave.  Banister then came out, argued, and finally was ejected as well.

It was a bizarre sequence of events, and I'm at a loss as to what Beltre could have done in that situation to warrant an ejection.  Elvis Andrus, who was getting the day off originally, came into the game at shortstop in place of Beltre, with Hanser Alberto moving over from shortstop to third base.

I believe this is Beltre's third career ejection, and his first since joining the Rangers.

UPDATE -- Per the beat guys on Twitter, someone was yelling at Hamari during the at bat, and Hamari decided it was Beltre and ejected him (although Prince Fielder acknowledged after the game it was Prince, not Beltre, doing the shouting).  Banister, according to Ron Kulpa, was ejected for not getting Beltre out of the dugout fast enough.  Insanity.

Here's video of Beltre: