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64-59 - Rangers avenge Adrian Beltre, win series in Detroit

#umpshow reared its ugly head as Adrian Beltre was ejected from the dugout but the Rangers won anyway

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Beltre was barking from the dugout which was just too much for thin-skinned homeplate umpire Adam Hamari who ejected Beltre on the same day he broke the record for the most games played by a Dominican player. The Rangers won so it's not a huge deal but we shouldn't know the name Adam Hamari at the expense of getting to enjoy Adrian Beltre.

Ejecting Adrian Beltre should be a crime and Adam Hamari should be arrested.

Player of the Game: Cole Hamels pitched well enough to win his first game as a Texas Ranger as he went six innings and allowed just two runs despite allowing eight hits and striking out just two Tigers.