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Ron Washington is the new Oakland third base coach

The Oakland A's have fired third base coach Mike Gallego, and replaced him with former Rangers manager (and former A's third base coach) Ron Washington

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland A's have fired Mike Gallego, their third base coach, and replaced him with their former third base coach, and the Rangers' former manager, Ron Washington.  Wash had been hired as an infield coach by the A's earlier this year.

This is bittersweet news for me...I'm happy for Wash, who has made no secret of the fact that he wanted to get back in the game since resigning as manager of the Rangers late last season under mysterious circumstances, which were not made all that much clearer after a press conference where he said he resigned because he broke his marriage vows.

On the other hand, I am going to hate seeing Wash in another team's uniform.  Whatever his flaws, whatever moves he made that made me nuts, I loved having Wash as the Rangers' manager, and he was the guy who was at the helm for the greatest run in team history.  Much like Michael Young and Ian Kinsler, I was hoping he would retire a Ranger...alas, as with Young and Kinsler, it was not to be.