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Wednesday Morning Links


Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Carrying on the great t-ball tradition of awarding the fat kid's lack of athleticism, Prince Fielder has won the Heart and Hustle Award.

Recognizing that it's going to be hotter than the fiery wheels of Apollo's chariot and it's a stupid day game in the middle of the week in August, the Rangers have reduced ticket prices for Thursday's game.

When Cole Hamels ranked the teams he could potentially be traded to this season, he ranked the Rangers first and then drew hearts all around it.

Ivan Rodriguez's son, who pitches in the Minnesota organization, was ranked top pitcher in the Appalachian league, presumably for his uncanny abilities to wield a stick and bindle and identify rare vintages of Mountain Dew.  Honestly, that's just a guess, I don't know how things operate in the Appalachian League.

Evan Grant is voicing it up in the Upon Further Review podcast.

Mike Napoli did not start against a lefty last night, but will be back in the lineup tonight.

The progress bar on Yu Darvish's firmware upgrade (UCL 2.0) slowly inches towards completion.  You've checked, you can go back to playing freecel now.

Robinson Chirinos and Carlos Corporan are unlikely to return before September 1.

Shawn Tolleson blew a save but Adrian Beltre is graciously taking the blame.  While glaring angrily at Shawn Tolleson.

Good news, house hunters!

The Rangers would like a third catcher but all they've got is Bobby Wilson and Chris Gimenez.

Cole Hamels seems like a pretty smart guy.

Yu Darvish says he is "strong like bull."

Add some more links of your own in the comments.  It's been one of those mornings.  Here's an article about ancient stone tablets offering tsunami warnings found in Japan.