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Thursday Morning Links

Hey, they're on time today!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Rougned Odor has a torn fingernail, which means he's probably going to need spinal fusion surgery.

Apparently, Yovani Gallardo needs to pull his poop together and stop wussing out when it's hot.

Call Carlos Corporan the fireman because he's going to drag this team to the playoffs.  Maybe.  If he gets back from the DL ahead of schedule.  Which he could possibly do.

Evan Grant takes a look at the next five pitching matchups.

Have you ever wondered at what point Jon Osterman became Dr. Manhattan, and whether one became the other as part of some sort of continuum of consciousness or if they were two separate entities?  That kind of navel-gazing could translate into a poorly paid position as a team epistemologist, where you can philosophize about at what point a helmet is still part of a player and at what point it's free flying through the crisp summer night.  Just do it quickly because they have to decide whether to call for a replay or not.

Jean-Jacques Taylor recaps last night's loss, which is a sentence full of frowns.

the Rangers acquired lefty reliever Chris Rearick off waivers.  His numbers have been terrible this year.  And T.R. Sullivan mustered all of 50 words to describe the acquisition.

Jeff Banister, when asked about today's series finale, says that the team has to come out swinging.

Anthony Andro notes that last night's beating didn't help the Rangers' playoff odds.

And, finally, Dr. Manhattan sucks.  Rorshach was awesome, though.