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Seattle Mariners fire Jack Zduriencik

The Seattle Mariners have announced that they have "relieved Jack Zduriencik of GM duties"

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Mariners have fired Jack Zduriencik, their general manager, according to the Mariners on Twitter.

This brings an end to one of the more interesting tenures for a general manager in recent history.  Jack Z, and he was referred to, was hired by the M's from the Milwaukee Brewers, where he was the Director of Amateur Scouting and Assistant G.M. for Player Personnel, at the end of the 2008 season.  Trumpeted as the ultimate amalgam of scouting knowledge and analytic chops, his arrival was celebrated by Mariners fans and many in the analytic community.  Perhaps most infamous was FanGraphs ranking the Mariners as the 6th best organization in baseball in their pre-2010 organizational rankings, based largely on the strength of their front office and the brilliance of Jack Z.  The M's disastrous 2010 campaign which ended with a 61-101 record led to the "#6org" meme, and while the Mariners returned to relevance in 2014 with an 87-75 record -- their first winning record since 2009 -- they are currently 59-69, in 4th place in a division many predicted them to win.

Assistant g.m. Jeff Kingston will be the interim g.m.