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66-61 - Hamels handles O's in opener, Texas back to 5 over .500

The real Cole Hamels finally arrived in Arlington to help the Rangers dispose of the Orioles

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

So that's what sexy Cole Hamels looks like on the mound, eh? Eight innings, two hits, and a run to go along with ten Ks? Yes, please. If not for an uncharacteristic bout of wildness in the 3rd -- where Hamels walked three O's including Chris Davis with the bases loaded -- he might have had himself a shutout. Nevertheless, the Rangers will take the win and the arrival of the guy they traded for.

Player of the Game: Yeah, it was Hamels, but I'm digging Chris Gimenez tonight hitting the go-ahead solo home run in the 5th for a career high four dingers in just under a month of action. He also called a great game for Hamels behind the plate.