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67-61 - Rangers best Baltimore, tie high water mark at 6 above .500

Texas reached six game above .500 as they won the series from Baltimore before tomorrow's finale

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Before he kind of wore down towards the end of his start, Martin Perez was doing a pretty good job tonight. You always hear how difficult the first year back from TJS can be, but Marteen has been handling it well despite still figuring things out. Overall, I'll take 6 2/3 innings of three run ball.

The Astros won tonight which is a bummer but it came with the added benefit of them beating the Minnesota Twins which gives the Rangers at least a 1.5 game cushion over every team in the American League for the final Wild Card spot.

Player of the Game: Just another night of being legendary at The Ballpark for Adrian Beltre. The National Treasure went 2-4 with a two-run dong and also did this: