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Atlanta Braves fan dies after fall from stands

An Atlanta Braves fan who fell from the upper deck of Turner Field has died, per Atlanta police

Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

An Atlanta Braves fan has died today, after falling from the upper deck of Turner Field, according to Atlanta Police.

The fan reportedly fell from the 401 section behind home plate in the top of the seventh inning, when he had gotten up to yell at Yankees pinch hitter Alex Rodriguez.  He received treatment and was carried out on a stretcher, though reports at the time indicated his condition was "grave."

This is the second instance in recent years of a fan dying as a result from a fall at a baseball game.  In 2011, Shannon Stone died at the Ballpark in Arlington when he leaned over the railing in left field in an effort to catch a ball thrown to him by Josh Hamilton.  A fan had fallen a year earlier from the upper deck at TBiA while trying to catch a foul ball, though that fan survived the incident.