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Wednesday Morning Links

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

If you just can't get enough cycles, here's some video of Adrian Beltre's three cycles and the Rangers' eight cycles.

In a shocking move, cornerstones of the franchise Leonys Martin and Wandy Rodriguez were optioned and placed on waivers, respectively.

Bryce Harper mentioned the Rangers in passing, which is apparently news.

Carlos Corporan's rehab assignment has come screeching to a halt and he may be looking at surgery.

Derek Holland's rehab assignment isn't really announcing "Derek Holland's back, baby" either.

Tuesday was the anniversary of the Nolan Ryan / Robin Ventura fight, so get on board the retrospective train.

Leonys Martin has been Wally Pipp'd so thoroughly that he's being replaced by Ryan Strausborger.

The Rangers are super fired up about being a .500 team again.

And I've got to get to work so that's all I've got this morning.