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Hamilton, Odor, Choo sit against Kazmir tonight

The Rangers are going with a righty-heavy lineup against Astros starter Scott Kazmir tonight

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With the Astros sending out lefthander Scott Kazmir tonight, Jeff Banister is sitting several of his lefthanded hitters, opting for a righty-heavy lineup that includes Ryan Strausborger, who is getting his first major league start.

The lineup:

DeShields -- CF

Strausborger -- RF

Prince -- DH

Beltre -- 3B

Moreland -- 1B

Elvis -- SS

Rua -- LF

Rosales -- 2B

Gimenez -- C

Nick Martinez takes the mound for the Rangers.  Shawn Tolleson, who has appeared in six games in the last seven days, is only available to pitch in an emergency, per Banister.