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Thursday Morning Links

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Derek Holland's fastball velocity has gotten back up to 95 mph in his most recent rehab start, because it's important that he give us poignant memories of what could be when he inevitably returns to the DL sometime in September.

So now we know what the Rangers' secret to sweeping the Astros was...  watching from somewhere air conditioned while the Astros took outdoor batting practice in Satan's bunghole.

Evan Grant has all the Ross Ohlendorf news you could ever need.

Gerry Fraley says that Leonys Martin is not pouting after being demoted.  That would be childish, after all.  But he is plotting a bloody revenge.

Keith Whitmire says the Rangers had an itch last night and the only cure was bunting.

Jeff Banister is happy the Rangers finally had a decent homestand.

Jeff Banister has also never been on a team like the current Rangers team that sucks so much against crappy teams and do so well against good ones.

Derek Holland feels good about his most recent rehab start, and that's pretty meaningful because he's got a lot of experience judging his own rehab starts.

Ryan Strausborger's will to win got him to the majors after 2600 minor league plate appearances and then it caused a crucial error on a sacrifice bunt last night.  Will to win.  It's the sixth tool.

Sam Dyson has picked up his second save since coming to the Rangers on Friday.

And, finally, this was found in my girlfriend's mother's garden and not Australia like you would think.  You might also be surprised to learn that it's a cicada-killer wasp and not a buffalo-killer wasp or an insert-your-name-here-killer wasp.  They say that it won't sting you if your leave it alone but they also say raving derelicts won't accost you if you don't make eye contact and you see where that gets you.