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55-54 - Upon further review, Rangers back above .500

Success on the road finally trumped the Rangers' inability to beat the Mariners in 2015

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers have been really good against good teams this season while really bad against bad teams. The Rangers have been really good on the road this season while really bad at home. The Rangers were 1-6 coming into the game against Seattle this season. For nearly two weeks, the Rangers have won every game not started by Cole Hamels. Something had to give.

Just like that, the Rangers are within 4 1/2 games of first place in the West.

If it seems like the Rangers are losing basically every replay review (they were 0-3 today, two initiated by the Mariners and one initiated by the Rangers), that's because they are. The median in baseball this season is a 49% rate of having a call go your way. The Rangers have a success rate of just 35%. Opponents have a 62% rate of success when challenging against the Rangers.

Bad replay luck notwithstanding, the Rangers came away with a win.

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