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Thoughts on a 7-0 Rangers loss

Padres 7, Rangers 0

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Padres 7, Rangers 0

  • Well, that wasn't exactly how we were hoping the road trip would start.
  • Kelt like Colby pitched better than his final line indicated, though I'm not sure if that's reality or just wishful thinking on my part.  6 runs in 5.2 IP, though only 5 were earned.  You can puts quote marks around the only if you like.
  • Andrew Faulkner made his major league debut, coming into the game with two on and two out in relief of Colby.  The first two batters he faced got on via an E-5 and a softly hit single.  Welcome to the bigs.
  • Sam Freeman and Anthony Bass pitched, which was a nice reminder than they are still alive.
  • The offense did nothing.  Three hits, two of them by Elvis, the other by Prince, and no real scoring threat that I can recall.  Maybe there was one, and I just forgot, but I don't think so.
  • Anyway, an utterly forgettable game.  Go get 'em tomorrow.