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75-67 - Beltre puts Rangers on his back, Texas takes series from A's

Adrian Beltre, National Treasure

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

With the Astros coming to town tomorrow for what will be the biggest series for the Rangers in many, many months, and the offense struggling, it was imperative for Texas get some runs on the board this afternoon.

Done and done.

Texas put 12 runs on the A's to take the series and keep pace in the American League West as the Astros were down 3-0 with two outs and two strikes and no one on in the 9th inning before going homer, triple, single, single, homer off Huston Street. The Angels are the worst and they deserve to lose like that every day for the rest of forever.

The Rangers still trail the Astros for first place in the West by a game and a half but now get to take matters into their own hands.

Oh, and yeah, it looks like Randy Galloway was right. The Rangers will win 75 games this season.

Player of the Game: Probably tired of hearing about how the Rangers are struggling against left-handed pitchers, Adrian Beltre hit two dongs and drove in five runs when Texas needed a big showing to take the pressure off rookie Chi Chi Gonzalez. Figures the Rangers would be honoring Beltre's 400th career home run with a t-shirt giveaway today.