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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news on the Rangers and the Silver Boot

Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

Good morning. Well, today's the first day ever that the Silver Boot actually matters.

Katy Clarke recaps the Rangers' 12-4 win over the A's ahead of the showdown between the Rangers and Astros.

Anthony Andro's game story focuses on Adrian Beltre and the Ranger bats breaking out against a left-handed starter.'s Dave Sessions writes that Jeff Banister took an unorthodox approach with his lineup yesterday (namely, putting Mike Napoli in the outfield) and it paid off.

Stefan Stevenson writes that after 18 seasons of pretending the Rangers and Astros were rivals, they finally have a chance to make that happen this week.

Richard Justice writes that you can no longer scoff at the Silver Boot.

Brian McTaggart and Sessions co-preview the series opener tonight between the Rangers and Astros which will feature a prime Cole Hamels vs Scott Kazmir match-up.

Finally, Stevenson ranks the top DFW vs Houston sports rivalry moments with the spotlight now on the Rangers and Astros to fuel your I-45 hate.

Have a nice day.