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76-67 - You've got red on you - Rangers grab opener from Astros

That was a playoff game in September and it was really stressful and awful and amazing and great

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Mitch Moreland and Prince Fielder have been quite maligned for their efforts against left-handed pitchers of late. So much so that Mike Napoli playing left field so Mitch and Prince could stay in the lineup against left-handers the last two games was a questionable strat by Jeff Banister. After Napoli botched his first ever outfield attempt, it looked downright egregious in such a big game.

Of course, then Moreland hit an oppo go-ahead dinger off Scott Kazmir in the 6th and, after the Astros tied it in the 7th, Fielder hit the eventual game-winning two-run blast to center for a 5-3 final score.

Baseball and such.

The Rangers are now just a half a game behind the Astros and tied in the loss column.

Player of the Game: Man, it's gotta be Prince. That was the biggest hit of his Rangers career.