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Wednesday Morning Links

Well, I didn't think it was going to be that kind of season

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

So, that happened.

Wondering what the secret of the 2015 Rangers is?  A clubhouse out of a David Lynch film.

Kevin Sherrington uses a mystery novel framing device to describe how wacky the 2015 season has been, which seems strange to me given the obvious choice would have been twist auteur M. Night I-Don't-Even-Have-the-Minimal-Interest-to-Search-the-Correct-Spelling-in-Another-Tab.  It turns out the Astros critical weakness all along was a city that constantly smells of shower farts.

Sigh.  Prince Fielder likes screaming at reporters.  Probably also punching your junk and not understanding why you're mad afterwards.

Jeff Banister is perfectly okay with Mike Napoli's defense provided he blows a rape whistle any time a ball looks like he might possibly have to field it.

Another thing Jeff Banister would be okay with?  Mike Napoli shouting encouragement to Delino Deshields from the cover of a nubile Six Shooter safely in foul territory.

Chris Gimenez loves winning, man.  It's like better than losing.

Anthony Andro recaps the fun.

Finally, I didn't get to watch the game last night... I'm living in the animal shelter until tomorrow night for North Texas Giving Day.  I'm also live streaming it, so if you want to hop on and throw some aspersions my way please do so.