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Thursday Morning Links

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday I got a visit at the shelter from an LSB reader.  It was a stressful morning, and he stopped by and said he was looking for Ben Morris.  When I said that was me, he told me he was a reader and that he enjoyed my links and liked what we were doing at the shelter.  When I asked his screenname, he demurred and said he was just a lurker.  Well, Lurk, you made my day yesterday, so thank you!

ESPN runs down all the ways that last night was a terrible night for Keuchel.

Aw, geez, Tim Cowlishaw, don't taunt Ian Kinsler's ghost!

Outside of Hamels and Holland, the stretch run rotation is wide open.

Delino Deshields is a spark plug.  Comments are open for you to assign car parts to the rest of the roster.

Prince Fielder goes bananas, no sign of the Great Biblical Plague of Locusts of 2014.

Anthony Andro observes that they're still just the Astros.