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80-69 - Rangers handed their final beating from the Mariners in 2015

The Rangers finish the season going 7-12 against the stupid Seattle Mariners.

Go away
Go away
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

I guess these Rangers just couldn't grok the idea of playing with a positive run differential. Coming into the game, the Rangers had scored 666 runs and allowed 666 runs. You could say the Rangers had a devil of a time today.

The bad news first: The Rangers lost to the Mariners and King Felix again for the hundredth time in 2015. The loss puts Texas just  1 1/2 games up on Houston in the AL West as the Astros beat the A's. The good news, you won't have to see Kyle Seager's dopey face again for like half a year.

Player of the Game: Mitch Morleand hit a home run off Felix Hernandez to put the Rangers up 1-0. Those were better times.