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82-69 - Elvis and Beltre bombard A's to extend West lead

The Rangers won their 82nd game so they officially will be winners in 2015

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Elvis Andrus and Eric Sogard homered in the same game and no you didn't fall asleep during a late night west coast game and dream that. That's a real thing that happened.

Elvis' dinger was a blast to left-center field that put the Rangers up 4-1 while setting a new career-high of seven bombs on the year. Sogard's homer was a meaningless solo shot in the 7th inning that no one will remember.

Texas is now at 82 wins and a full three games over Houston in the American League West. It's the largest lead in the division on the year for Texas and drops the Magic Number to 8.

Colby Lewis got the win and is now 17-8 in 2015. Texas will go for the sweep tomorrow with Cole Hamels on the mound.

Player of the Game: