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Thursday Morning Links

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Put on some Blurred Lines and your A.J. Pierzynski shirsey because the Rangers haven't had a division lead this big since 2013.

Or maybe you should put on some... um, something that was popular in 2010 because Gerry Fraley says this offense resembles the 2010 but more balanced.

Josh Hamilton tested his knee before the game last night and a swarm of termites came boiling out of it.   He hopes to play some outfield in the playoffs and ha, ha, ha, boy, is that funny.

What's that haters?  Elvis Andrus came up big in last night's game... ta-dow, how you like him now?  He's got a positive WAR now!

Mike Napoli isn't going to let a little thing like being a terrible outfielder keep him from playing in the outfield.

Josh Hamilto has ramped up his rehab on his left knee buy purchasing a cursed monkey paw off Ebay.

That 10-3 win was all about power, and Adrian Beltre, and Elvis Andrus, and Oakland being a terrible team.

Like an abusive spouse, Elvis Andrus wants you to believe things can be different.