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The 2015 Texas Rangers will have a winning record

Last night's win put the Rangers at 82-69, guaranteeing them a winning record in 2015

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Last night's victory was the 82nd win of the year for the Texas Rangers, guaranteeing them a winning season.

How crazy is that?

A week and a half to go in the regular season, and the Rangers have clinched a winning season, are 3 games up in the A.L. West, have their playoff odds over 95% according to both BP and Fangraphs.

And, if they make the playoffs, they have a good, deep rotation headed up by a legit #1, and a late inning relief corps that has gone from being a disaster in the first half to a strength.

This is a team that was 8-16, 9.5 games out of first, on May 3.  A month into the campaign, it looked like the season was over.

Texas was 9 games back on July 22, at 45-49.  Texas was 8 games back on August 2, and 51-53.  At the trade deadline, I was advocating in favor of dealing Yovani Gallardo, feeling like the possibility of making the playoffs wasn't good enough to make Gallardo instead of Chi Chi Gonzalez or Nick Martinez in the rotation worth it.

It ain't over...Houston can still catch the Rangers, especially with three games in Houston coming up this weekend, and as we know from 2012, you can have a big likelihood of doing something and still fall short.  I'm not counting any chickens...until a playoff spot is sewn up, I'm going to be nervous.

But man, its fun to be talking about a playoff race and possibly winning the division and what the playoff rotation would look like right now, compared to last year, when we were talking about draft picks and offseason moves and who the manager would be.

11 games to go in the regular season.  6-5 would get Texas to 88 wins, and I think we all would have taken that before the season started.  Hell, I predicted 82-80, so they'll at least do as well as my pre-season prediction...

Go Rangers...