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Jeff Sullivan on the evolution of Elvis

Jeff Sullivan takes a look at how Elvis Andrus has changed his approach in the second half of the season

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

The Elvis Andrus situation is one that has been discussed on here at great length, and with 7 years and $105 million left on his contract after this season, the Elvis Andrus situation is likely to have a significant impact on the Rangers going forward.

With Elvis at 1.1 fWAR and 2.0 bWAR on the year after a dismal start, Jeff Sullivan has a piece up examining the adjustments Elvis has made in his offensive approach, as he's gone from being an opposite-field slap hitter to looking to drive the ball more.

That, along with his defensive improvement in the second half, is encouraging, and and if he can get back to being a solid 2-3 win shortstop going forward, his presence and contract aren't really a problem anymore.  While you'd like to get more than 2-3 wins from a $15M per year guy, it certainly isn't out of line with what the free agent market is bearing right now, and of course, there's just the fact that its more fun to root for a team with Elvis on it than without...