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84-72 - Rangers decide to let us sweat out the final week of the season

The Rangers failed to score with the bases loaded and no one out in a 1-1 game and the Tigers scored five runs in the next half inning to make us sad

This photo would be neat if the Rangers had won
This photo would be neat if the Rangers had won
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, maybe not panic time just yet. I'd rather have a 1.5 game lead (should the Astros beat the Mariners tonight which they will because the Mariners only win games against the Rangers) than trying to get over the hump with so few games remaining. But we're Rangers fans so recent events have conditioned us to expect horrific pain at the last possible moment.

The Rangers could sure use some help from the Seattle and Oakland right now. The problem with that is the Mariners and A's are the Mariners and A's.

Player of the Game: Prince Fielder hit a home run to the Wedge and had one hell of a battle with Neftali Feliz in the 9th.