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Rangers up 1.5 with 6 games to go -- you scurred?

The Rangers lead is down to a game and a half, with six games left, and some Rangers fans are getting nervous

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

So, the Rangers have lost three games in a row for the first time since early August, and while two of those losses were against legit #1 starters, it still has been enough to cause a few fans, still scarred from the late 2012 collapse, to start predicting a repeat of that disaster, even though Texas is still a game and a half up in the West with six games to go.

Cole Hamels pitches tonight for Texas, and will pitch on Sunday if need be, and this is why the Rangers got Cole Hamels -- to be the legit #1 starter who stops losing streaks and wins big games.  These next two Hamels starts are going to be pretty freaking big.

Its kind of hard to write about Rangers stuff right now, because the season is largely in the books, the team is what it is, and its just a matter of seeing how these final games play out.  Its nerve-wracking, but a good nerve-wracking, and whatever happens, this is better than what we went through last September.

That said, I've got one question for you folks, as the lead shrinks and bootyholes get tight down the stretch...

You scurred?