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85-72 - Rangers eke out super weird win against altruistic Tigers

The Rangers barely were able to end their three game losing streak and drop the magic number to four

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

They said pennant race baseball would be fun. They said pennant race baseball would be exciting. They said pennant race baseball would be stressful. They didn't say pennant race baseball would be so dang weird.

Tonight's game featured four Detroit errors and a plethora of other miscues which would make suspicious minds in Anaheim and Houston wonder if Texas oilmen might have had the Tigers on the take tonight. But before you think the Tigers have bags with dollar signs waiting in their lockers, consider that they scored six runs on Cole Hamels. As weird as that was, it was weirder still that they scored all of those runs with two out. A whole bunch of them were driven in on two-strike counts.

And yet, with the Rangers scoring on handfuls of plays that would make a little leaguer blush, and the Tigers batting like .800 with two outs in the first several innings, with the score 7-6 through four innings, these two teams traded nine consecutive scoreless innings over the final four and a half innings of the game.

Player of the Game: Shin-Soo Choo hit a massive two-run home run to tie the game two batters into the Rangers' first frame after the Tigers scored two in the top of the inning off of Cole Hamels. Losing three in a row and then trailing early could have been a disaster. Choo is on some kind of tear right now.