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Thoughts on a 7-6 Rangers win

Rangers 7, Tigers 6

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Rangers 7, Tigers 6

  • That game was nuts, man.
  • Cole Hamels giving up runs in the first, then getting a big lead, then blowing the lead, then getting the lead back and settling down...that's not what we were hoping for from Cole, but it ended up being good enough.
  • Do you realize that the last run scored in the game was in the bottom of the fourth, when Shin-Soo Choo scored on that mis-played ground rule double?  Texas allowed two runs in each of the first three innings, then shut out then Tigers the rest of the way, while also not scoring over their final four innings.
  • If the Rangers win the West, they need to vote the Tiger defense at least a partial playoff share.  The brutal glove work by the Tigers was instrumental in Texas winning this game.
  • Sam Dyson and Keone Kela were good enough in the 7th and 8th that I wanted each of them to pitch another inning, and Shawn Tolleson's scary 9th really had me wishing that had happened.  Runners on the corners, one out, I was just hoping no more than one run would score and Texas would have a chance to break the tie in the 9th.  Then Rajai Davis pops up a bunt, and I'm thinking, we are maybe gonna escape.  Then Ian Kinsler smokes a ball into right-center that I initially thought would be caught, then I thought would be an RBI double, and then Drew Stubbs (in the game for Delno DeShields for defensive purposes, or because of DeShields knee, or both) ran the ball down to save the game.
  • So much happened in that game, and it wiped me out just watching.  But hey, the magic number is 4 now...