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Thursday Morning Links

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers are terrible at stopping the running game, and though Gimenez and Wilson are putting in some extra work throwing to second Jeff Banister is focusing on getting the opposing offense to put the ball in play early.

Shawn Tolleson is being watched closely for any signs of tampering by Ian Kinsler's curse.

Mitch Moreland was last night's hero because, hey, nonthreatening white guy!

Rougned Odor's finger still hurts.

Banister hopes that September callups will somehow cause him to stop using Shawn Tolleson every night.

Mitch Moreland and Josh Hamilton delivered off the bench last night.

Mitch Moreland has got a little something called #WtW.

That's all I've got this morning.  So here's a story about how scientists have discovered a novel way to combat cancers driven by a specific oncogene and here's Happy the Neuro Dog laying down the mad beats.