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Friday morning Rangers things

Friday morning Rangers news and links

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Good morning, everyone...

Stefan Stevenson has a story on how Joey Gallo struggled making adjustments when he went down to Round Rock, and how Michael Young has been working with him and mentoring him.

Someone -- I forget who -- made a snarky comment in the comments the other day about how the denizens of LSB who were critical of Michael Young when he was with the Rangers, and thought he was overrated, must be really upset about him working with Gallo.  Personally, though, I don't know that there's anyone who you'd rather have working with a good young hitter than Michael Young, especially when it comes to the mental side of the game and keeping the right mindset.  One of the things that teammates have been pretty much unanimous about is how strong Young is mentally, and how much they learn from him in regards to his approach to the game.  Having him in the organization, where he can work with guys like Gallo, is a boon for the Rangers.

Shawn Ramsey writes that a Rangers/Astros division race is what we were hoping for when Houston moved to the A.L. West.

Derek Holland is playing a key role in the division race, and T.R. Sullivan writes that, while Holland "can be a goofball," he's also focused on winning when he's on the mound.

Elvis Andrus has also been playing a key role of late -- Evan Grant says a come-to-Jesus from Tony Beasley helped Elvis make some adjustments to improve his play.

Matthew Kory has a cool piece at Fangraphs breaking down Elvis's steal of home.

Although Thursday's extra-innings game went past midnight for Central Time Zone viewers, it still drew more fans than the average broadcast this year.

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