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Video: Ryan Rua grand slam

Ryan Rua hit a grand slam last night in Round Rock's 8-3 win

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Video:  Ryan Rua grand slam.  Its been a difficult year for Ryan Rua, who started the season as the Rangers' starting left fielder, broke his ankle, was on the disabled list for a couple of months, and then never got into the swing of things with the bat once he got healthy.

However, he does appear to be getting back on track of late, including hitting a grand slam last night in Round Rock's 8-3 win:

That was on the heels of a home run the night before for the Express:

Rua has just a .178/.285/.297 line in 137 plate appearances in AAA this year, but since ending an 0-20 stretch (part of a .063/.179/.063 slash line he put up over 56 plate appearances, with 20 Ks, in mid-August), things appear to be clicking, as he has slashed .333/.436/.667 in his last 9 games.

Rua seems like a likely candidate to be called up to provide bench depth once the AAA playoffs are over.